Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News

April 2012 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the April 2012 sprint:
  • Fixed over 21 bugs
  • Held a training course in Orem, Utah
  • Completed MODFLOW SUB package to about 40%
  • Added support for all file formats supported by Global Mapper
  • Added dynamic online imagery via Global Mapper
  • Identified the changes needed to support the SFR2 inputs used with UZF
  • Switched next version number form 8.4 to 9.0
  • Completed most of the work needed for PEST null space Monte Carlo support with RANDPAR
  • Added the ISTCB2 option in the STR package
  • Added a model checker for the SFR package
  • Added an option to only save the groundwater data in the UZF package
  • Added wells in the MT3D TOB package so it tracks (and we can plot) mass vs. time
  • Added all array-based parameter types to the set of those that can use pilot points with PEST
  • Made the gage folder in the MODFLOW solution start out collapsed by default
  • Added the GMS version number to the main window title
  • Renamed "Convergence Options" to "PEST ASP Package" to help identify what it is
  • Switched to new round logos
  • Made improvements to the pilot points, transient, and gage tutorials
  • Continued improvements to the wiki

March 2012 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the March 2012 sprint:
  • Posted GMS 8.3 beta
  • Added two new videos to our YouTube channel on regional to local model conversion and contour options
  • Fixed over 10 bugs
  • Added a machine to help with nightly testing
  • Added a few new testimonials
  • Started on the PHT3D interface design
  • Moved SFR outputs related to ISTCB2 to a separate CCF file so they don't get included in the flow budget.
  • Fixed the Check For Updates command to warn if the maintenance has expired to avoid downloading an update that can't be used.
  • PEST Null space Monte Carlo progress
  • Came up with a fix for broken images when converting the wiki to OpenOffice
  • Designed Global Mapper dynamic images
  • Finished adding support for the MODFLOW Gage package
  • Added a new Measure tool
  • Added new Locate Selections and Zoom To Selections commands
  • Simplified the MT3D Sink & Source Mixing Package dialog
  • Enhanced the model checker and added tests for MT3D SSM, RCT and ADV packages.
  • Held a training course in Mexico City
  • Made several improvements to the Model Calibration tutorial
  • Started splitting the Conceptual Model Approach tutorial into two
  • Made exported shapefiles include a projection (.prj) file whenever the projection is not local