About Us

Our name is synonymous with visualizing water. We provide solutions for modeling and visualizing groundwater & surface-water hydrology and hydraulics. Clients around the world rely on Aquaveo's software solutions and consulting services to efficiently complete today's demanding water resources projects. Our software is being used by over 12,000 consulting firms, universities and government agencies in over 120 countries.

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Email: info@aquaveo.com
Tel: +01 801 691-5528
Fax: +01 801 691-5529
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Company Profile

Aquaveo is a pioneer of GIS-based software solutions for hydraulic, hydrologic and groundwater modeling. Our products have been refined over two decades to create the most advanced environmental modeling and visualization software available. In addition to interfacing with industry standard numerical models, we develop custom desktop and cloud-based applications tailored to specific needs.

Additionally, Aquaveo provides training and consulting services in the field of water resource engineering, hydraulics, and hydrologic engineering. Aquaveo has ongoing software development and consulting contracts with federal and local government agencies such as the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Federal Highway Administration, Los Angeles County, the USGS, the US Department of Energy, and the USEPA.

Our History

Aquaveo began as a part of the Engineering Computer Graphics Laboratory at Brigham Young University in 1985. The lab was reorganized and the name was changed in September, 1998 to the Environmental Modeling Research Laboratory (EMRL). In April, 2007, the main software development team at EMRL entered private enterprise as Aquaveo, LLC.