Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News

October 2011 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the October 2011 sprint (now that it's almost December):

  • Fixed 10 bugs
  • Got our version of MODFLOW-NWT working with MNW, SFR and UZF packages
  • Fixed the model wrapper for MODFLOW-NWT to show progress
  • Documented MODFLOW-NWT on the wiki
  • Created a MODFLOW-NWT tutorial
  • Held a training course in Australia (see post below)
  • Designed and implemented the ZONEBUDGET interface (available in 8.2)
  • Made some improvements to our continuous testing system, including adding a new machine
  • Added an Export 3D Grid to Shapefile feature (available in 8.2)
  • Fixed some problems with the new manual MODPATH option (available in 8.2)
  • Designed support for the ISTCB2 option in the SFR package
  • Reviewed user requests on the forum and put them on the backlog

Exporting 3D grids to shapefiles

A new feature in GMS 8.2 is the ability to export a 3D grid to a shapefile. The following figures show a MODFLOW model from the Lake package tutorial. The first image shows the model in GMS. The second shows the grid exported as a shapefile and read into ArcMap 10 with a background map, symbology, and transparency. GMS includes a projection file with the exported shapefile which causes it to be properly positioned when imported to ArcMap.