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The MODFLOW-LGR interface in GMS is almost done. Here are a couple of images showing a nested child grid in plan view and front view.

MODFLOW-LGR with nested child grid, plan view

MODFLOW-LGR with nested child grid, front view


The GMS development team has been working on implementing MODFLOW-USG since the documentation was released on May 3, 2013. We have been making good progress. One of the items related to MODFLOW-USG is the ability to work with unstructured grids. The figures below show some of the grids that we have generated with the development version of GMS. We used the same conceptual model and generated a 3D finite element mesh, a 3D structured Grid, and 3D unstructured grids.
Conceptual Model
Finite Element Mesh - FEMWATER or FEFLOW

Finite Element Mesh - FEMWATER or FEFLOW
Structure Grid - Traditional MODFLOW

Structure Grid - Traditional MODFLOW

Unstructured Grid - Nested Grids

Unstructured Grid - Nested Grids
Unstructured Grid - Quadtree

Unstructured Grid - Quadtree

Unstructured Grid - Voronoi

Unstructured Grid - Voronoi
 We will be at the MODFLOW and more 2013 conference this next week. Come by our booth to learn more about new developments in GMS with MODFLOW-USG. We will also have a couple of posters that we are presenting.

GMS Training, Olten, Switzerland

Members of the GMS training team recently completed an onsite training class in Olten, Switzerland from April 22-24. It was an intense 3 day training experience. The small class size allowed the students to be very engaged and learn a lot of material in a short period of time. The day following the training was spent working on the client's groundwater modeling project and applying the principles learned in the training. This type of onsite training is available to clients worldwide at very reasonable price. If you are interested in onsite training, including help with your modeling project, contact

April 2013 Sprint

  • Fixed 7 bugs
  • Project on-the-fly code improvements
  • Training course in Switzerland 
  • MODFLOW-LGR progress
  • MODFLOW-USG progress
  • Testing coverage analysis progress