Aquaveo & Water Resources Engineering News

February 2011 sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the February 2011 sprint.
  • Fixed 30 bugs
  • Sped up reading of a large MODFLOW model from 15 minutes to 15 seconds
  • Removed the broken 3D mesh particle sets interface
  • Created a 64 bit version of the T-PROGS mcmod.dll
  • Got all unit and intermediate tests running on the 64 bit build
  • Planned work on enhancements to the ADH interface
  • Added a preferences page for MODFLOW
  • Fixed several issues with the GMS 8.0 installer
  • Added two more videos to the YouTube channel
  • Planned for quarterly webinars
  • Solved some problems with the .hed.h5 file created when reading a MODFLOW solution
  • Fixed MODFLOW 2005 to not say "Didn't converge" when it really did
  • Created samples of the horizons and MODPATH tutorials
  • Updated all the tutorial pdf documents and zip files on the wiki
  • Documented some horizons applications on the wiki
  • Overhauled and added multiple tests for the image import code

January 2011 sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the January 2011 sprint.
  • Posted an update to GMS 7.1 with several bug fixes
  • Fixed several bugs in the development branch
  • Ran cppcheck to find and fix various bugs
  • Created three more videos for marketing
  • Added some new images to the image gallery
  • Wiki: Added MT3D Calculate Mass dialog help, Arc Hydro Groundwater, block fill in contour options
  • Changed iso-surfaces to use OpenGL vertex arrays
  • Cleaned up some things in all the tutorials
  • Disabled the contour options while in the Map module if there is no MODAEM model
  • Changed model checker to default to stop reporting after N errors
  • Added a Run SEAWAT macro button to the toolbar
  • Updated the advanced training course materials
  • Created the GMS 8.0 branch
  • Posted the first GMS 8.0 beta (woo hoo!)
  • Updated and added lots of tests

December sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the December sprint.
  1. Fixed 28 bugs in 7.1 and development
  2. Copy protection: Changed the welcome dialog to go straight to the registration dialog if no license found
  3. Copy protection: Hid the maintenance string if Community Edition (CE)
  4. Removed beta stuff from copy protection and updated the beta dialog
  5. Added CE limits to Help|About and when leaving MODFLOW Stress Periods dialog
  6. Fixed removing of some menu items based on program mode
  7. Added ArcGIS web layer files to installer
  8. Created some more video scripts
  9. Added new front page to all tutorials
  10. Wiki: Added MT3DMS run options page
  11. Wiki: Contour Options page updated
  12. Created some more images for image gallery
  13. Updated the GMS Advanced Course training materials
  14. Updated automated tests on lots of tutorials