December sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the December sprint.
  1. Fixed 28 bugs in 7.1 and development
  2. Copy protection: Changed the welcome dialog to go straight to the registration dialog if no license found
  3. Copy protection: Hid the maintenance string if Community Edition (CE)
  4. Removed beta stuff from copy protection and updated the beta dialog
  5. Added CE limits to Help|About and when leaving MODFLOW Stress Periods dialog
  6. Fixed removing of some menu items based on program mode
  7. Added ArcGIS web layer files to installer
  8. Created some more video scripts
  9. Added new front page to all tutorials
  10. Wiki: Added MT3DMS run options page
  11. Wiki: Contour Options page updated
  12. Created some more images for image gallery
  13. Updated the GMS Advanced Course training materials
  14. Updated automated tests on lots of tutorials