February 2011 sprint highlights

Below are some of the more interesting accomplishments from the February 2011 sprint.
  • Fixed 30 bugs
  • Sped up reading of a large MODFLOW model from 15 minutes to 15 seconds
  • Removed the broken 3D mesh particle sets interface
  • Created a 64 bit version of the T-PROGS mcmod.dll
  • Got all unit and intermediate tests running on the 64 bit build
  • Planned work on enhancements to the ADH interface
  • Added a preferences page for MODFLOW
  • Fixed several issues with the GMS 8.0 installer
  • Added two more videos to the YouTube channel
  • Planned for quarterly webinars
  • Solved some problems with the .hed.h5 file created when reading a MODFLOW solution
  • Fixed MODFLOW 2005 to not say "Didn't converge" when it really did
  • Created samples of the horizons and MODPATH tutorials
  • Updated all the tutorial pdf documents and zip files on the wiki
  • Documented some horizons applications on the wiki
  • Overhauled and added multiple tests for the image import code