GMS Sprint October 2013

  • Fixed 3 bugs
  • Branched version 9.2
  • Recorded three new videos for YouTube (not yet posted)
  • Improved test reporting in continuous build machines for MF-2000 and MF-2005
  • Removed copy protection in SEAWAT for GMS 9.1
  • Updated versions of MODFLOW-LGR and MODFLOW-NWT
  • Finished improving native MODFLOW text format for areal parameters
  • Completed design of CLN process interface
  • Created a 1D array editor dialog for MODFLOW-USG similar to 2D version
  • Got list package dialogs working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Fixed it so that 3D grids and Ugrid versions of MODFLOW can coexist
  • Got Sources/Sinks dialog working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got LAK package dialog working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got SUB package dialog working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got CCF view values working for MODFLOW-USG
  • Got ZONEBUDGET working for MODLFOW-USG
  • Began conversion to Qt
  • Did some investigations of SWIG
  • Got Ugrid data sets working (import/export, save/restore, data calculator)
  • Saving Ugrid in VTK format in project (.gpr) file
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September 2013 Sprint

  • PEMEX conference
  • LA County training
  • Fixed 5 bugs
  • MODFLOW-USG progress including:
    • Convert 3D grid to USG
    • STR package I/O
    • GAG package I/O
    • Read solution including head, drawdown, and CCF files
    • RCH and EVT package dialogs
    • Selecting USG cells
    • Displaying symbols in USG
  • MODFLOW text output progress including:
    • ETS, EVT, GAGE, LAK, MNW, OBS, RCH, SFR, STR, SUB, and UZF packages
  • Import MODFLOW well package data from text files
  • Updated to latest version of MF2K5
  • Pathlines -> Arcs command now works without capture zones
  • GeoPDF tests added
  • Branched version 9.2
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PEMEX Conference

From Aug 26 to 30, PEMEX hosted the "Septimo Seminario International de Respuesta a Emergencias, Caracterizacion y Remediacion de Sitios Impactados por Hidrocarburos" in Mexico City, Mexico. The keynote speaker at the conference was Nobel laureate, Dr Mario Molina. He gave a presentation on global warming.

Alan Lemon from Aquaveo was invited to attend and give a presentation on using GMS for site characterization and flow and transport modeling of impacted sites. The presentation gave some background on the modeling process and how GMS can be used to characterize and model impacted sites. Another lecturer, Dr. Willis Weight, also shared many case studies of applied modeling using GMS. The attendees were particularly impressed with the visualizations demonstrated by Dr. Weight. Many thanks to the conference organizers for the invitation to present. Special thanks to Jorge Chirpas, Paula Andrea Martinez, and Cuauhtemoc Luna for their many efforts before, during, and after the conference.

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