GMS Sprint November 2014

Some of the more notable things completed by the GMS team during the month.

  • Fixed 5 bugs
  • Added interface in Preferences dialog to access default text viewer settings
  • UGrid points can now be contoured (colored) according to their data values similar to scatter points
  • Zoom To Extents command for CAD layers added
  • GMS can now import MODFLOW-USG files written by GMS that aren't part of the project
  • UGrid cell centers can now be displayed
  • Various work on updating the wiki
  • Added option to Display Options dialog to show all options, not just those for existing data
  • Refined dragging in the Project Explorer so that items could be dragged to the top of the list without dropping on the parent
  • Vector xyz dataset info for selected UGrid cells now displayed in status bar
  • TOUGH2 MESH file export from UGrids added
  • Print layout tools designed
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