May 2012 Sprint Highlights

Some of the more interesting accomplishments from the May 2012 sprint:
  • Fixed over 19 bugs
  • Overhauled the MODFLOW ccf file reader to be more generic
  • Much progress on the MODFLOW SUB package
  • Updated MODFLOW 2005 executable with the latest changes from USGS
  • Mostly finished phase 1 of PEST Null Space Monte Carlo support
  • Began adapting MODFLOW LGR to GMS format
  • Finished several raster features including interpolation and conversion to/from other object types
  • Added more "Open containing folder" commands where they were needed
  • Made it so we just link to CAD files instead of saving them with the project
  • Added duplication of MODFLOW array data in the Project Explorer
  • Removed the interface for flow observations with the SFR package since MODFLOW doesn't support this
  • Added commands to Expand / Collapse most items in the Project Explorer
  • Split the MODFLOW conceptual model tutorial into two separate tutorials
  • Finished the MODFLOW MNW2 package tutorial for non-vertical wells and pump capacity
  • Added more bitmaps in the menus and made the old ones look better