GMS 10.1 Beta posted

GMS 10.1 Beta has been posted on the downloads page. Some of the new features include:

  • GNC (Ghost Node Correction) Package for MODFLOW-USG
  • SWI (Seawater Intrusion) Package for MODFLOW-USG
  • CLN (Connected Linear Network) Process for MODFLOW-USG
  • Import of MODFLOW-USG models created outside GMS
  • Observations for MODFLOW-USG
  • Pilot points for MODFLOW-USG
  • Name file / unit number manager and improved support for unsupported packages
  • A Cell Summary text file as part of the MODFLOW solution
  • mod-PATH3DU particle tracking
  • UGrid refinement
  • UGrid isosurfaces
  • UGrid interpolation
  • UGrid vector display
  • Several new options for exporting files: VTK, Shapefiles, TOUGH2, GSF...
  • 6 new tutorials
  • ...and many more new features and user requests
See the full list of What's New in GMS 10.1.