PEST & Parallel PEST

Parameter Estimation in GMS

Model Type:3D
Developer:John Doherty,
Watermark Computing


Why PEST with GMS?
GMS provides a custom interface to the PEST utility offering a simple way to set model parameters and a graphical user interface to run the model and visualize the results. Gather background data from a variety of sources from GIS to CAD and access online data from numerous databases of maps, images, and elevation data. GMS allows you to interact with models in true 3D taking advantage of optimized OpenGL graphics and to create photo-realistic renderings and animations for PowerPoint, print, and web presentations.

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PEST Description:
A model-independent, non-linear parameter estimator. The nonlinear parameter estimation algorithm used by PEST is uniquely robust and powerful having been developed for use with complex environmental models. The purpose of PEST is to assist in data interpretation, model calibration, and predictive analysis.

PEST is fully integrated into the GMS interface, allow you to perform advanced parameter estimation for MODFLOW models.

GMS allows you to run PEST in parallel on a single machine to take advantage of multiple cores. This can greatly speed up the PEST runs.