MODFLOW Modeling with GMS

Advanced three-dimensional
groundwater modeling with MODFLOW

Dedication to MODFLOW support

  • All versions of MODFLOW supported: 6, USG, LGR, NWT, 2005, 2000, 96, 88
  • Many MODFLOW packages supported (see table below) with more to come
  • Guaranteed to read any model that MODFLOW can run
  • Support for MODFLOW related packages such as MODPATH, MT3DMS, MT3D-USGS, RT3D, PEST, and built in ZONEBDGT
  • Full suite of manual and automated calibration tools including PEST, Parallel PEST, Monte Carlo simulations, calibration targets, plots and charts
  • Large model support (grid cells, stress periods) with smart memory management and caching for maintained responsiveness
  • Transient data support in real date/time format
  • Interpolation of transient data
  • Stochastic Simulation tools including Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, Gaussian Field, T-PROGS (better than indicator kriging) and Risk Analysis wizard for capture zone and transport analysis.
MODFLOW Package Description
BAS6 Basic Package
BCF6 Block Centered Flow Package
CHD1 Time Variant Specified Head Package
DE4 Direct Solver
DRN1 Drain Package
DRT1 Drain Return Package
EVT1 Evapotranspiration Package
ETS1 Evapotranspiration Segments Package
GAGE Gage Package
GHB1 General Head Boundary Package
GMG Geometric Multi-Grid
HFB1 Horizontal Flow Barrier Package
HUF Hydrogeologic Unit Flow Package
LAK3 Lake Package
LPF Layer Property Flow Package
MNW1 Multi-Node Well 1 Package
MNW2 Multi-Node Well 2 Package
NWT Newton Solver
OUT1 Output Control
PCG2 Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method
PCGN Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver with Improved Nonlinear Control
RCH1 Recharge Package
RIV1 River Package
SAMG Algebraic MultiGrid for Systems Solver
SFR2 Streamflow-Routing Package
SIP Strongly Implicit Proceedure
SOR Slice-Successive Overrelaxation Method
SUB Subsidence Package
STR1 Stream-Routing Package
SWI Seawater Intrusion Package
WEL1 Well Package
UPW Upstream Weighting Flow Package
UZF1 Unsaturated-Zone Flow Package

Structured or Unstructured Grid Options

GMS Grid 1

Traditional Grid

GMS Grid 2

Quadtree Grid

GMS Grid 3

Voronoi Grid

GMS Grid 4

TriQuad Grid

GMS Grid 5

Local Grid

GMS 10.0 supports a wide variety of structured and unstructured MODFLOW grids to provide the right solution for your modeling needs. Current GMS 10.0 licenses with MODFLOW receive MODFLOW-USG for free!

Full 3D visualization

From cross-section editing to advanced probability statistics, GMS offers unparalleled subsurface modeling tools.

  • Real time panning, zooming and rotating in 3D
  • Optimized OpenGL graphics for improved hardware rendering
  • Texture mapping of images on surfaces
  • Transparency of contours, texture maps, surfaces, iso-surfaces
  • Light source and specularity
  • Cut away views to see the inside
  • 3D cross sections at any angle
  • Iso-surfaces
  • Create animation videos - create fly-bys, animate transient data, moving cross sections

Conceptual modeling

Discover the power and capabilities of MODFLOW & GMS with a free 2-week trial. Visit the Download Center for the latest full installation of GMS. A collection of GMS and MODFLOW tutorials are also available to help make learning GMS quick and easy.

The MODFLOW tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for:

  • Grid independent representation of model features using GIS type objects (points, arcs and polygons)
  • Grid independent representation of stratigraphy using solids
  • Grid independent representation of stratigraphy using point data and interpolation to MODFLOW layers
  • Display of background images of maps, aerial photos etc.
  • 2D and 3D interpolation and geostatistics including kriging

GIS integration

  • Tight integration with GIS data
  • Open Geodatabases and Shapefiles directly in GMS
  • Export Geodatabases and Shapefiles
  • Integration with Arc Hydro Groundwater for powerful report and map generation inside ArcMap
  • Worldwide global projection support including Cartesian and geographic (lat/lon)

User friendly interface

  • Standard, intuitive, user-friendly windows interface
  • Annotation tools for report generation
  • Many step-by-step tutorials
  • Complete help system
  • Active forums with contributions from users and developers
  • Full phone and email tech support
  • Regularly scheduled training courses with expert modelers. On-site training available