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Application:Water Distribution Modeling
Model Type:1D
Developer:U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


EPANET Description:
EPANET is software that models water distribution piping systems. EPANET performs extended period simulation of the water movement and quality behavior within pressurized pipe networks.

Pipe networks consist of pipes, nodes (junctions), pumps, valves, and storage tanks or reservoirs. EPANET tracks:

  • Flow of water in each pipe
  • Pressure at each node
  • Height of the water in each tank
  • Type of chemical concentration throughout the network during a simulation period
  • Water age
  • Source
  • Tracing

Why EPANET with WMS?
WMS provides a custom interface to the EPANET model offering a simple way to set model parameters and a graphical user interface to run the model and visualize the results. Gather background data from a variety of sources from GIS to CAD and access online data from numerous databases of maps, images, elevation, land use, and soil data. WMS allows you to interact with models in true 3D taking advantage of optimized OpenGL graphics and to create photo-realistic renderings and animations for PowerPoint, print, and web presentations.

CityWater & EPANET
CityWater is an online web application for managing EPANET water distribution network models. The software allows individuals across the organization to visualize, reference, and analyze existing models in a familiar map-based browser environment while maintaining the data integrity of the model. Learn more about CityWater.


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