Water Distribution Management

CityWater is the online web application for managing water distribution network models. The software allows individuals across the organization to visualize, reference, and analyze existing models in a familiar map-based browser environment while maintaining the data integrity of the model.


Maximize Your Model Investment

The development of a water distribution model is a major investment, but few in the organization benefit from the final product. CityWater changes this dynamic by making the model accessible to more people, anytime, on any device*.

*See CityWater System Requirements


Empower Everyone in Your Organization

Powerful decision support tools are built into CityWater to leverage model information at every level of your organization and to better serve your customers.

Engineering consultants can take advantage of client management tools including privacy controls to deliver modern solutions to their customers.


Analyze Your Network

CityWater tools and algorithms strengthen routine operations. Run scenarios and fire flow analyses to simulate the changing demands and upgrades to your network. Visualize unfamiliar models as a pressure zone schematic to quickly identify connectivity and inefficiencies between pressure zones.

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Request a free 30-day trial of CityWater and you'll have access to all features. Need help understanding what CityWater can do for your organization? We can provide a free demo of the software and its capabilities.

CityWater System Requirements

  • Operating System: Works on most OS’s including Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.
  • Browser: Most modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, and Safari with Javascript enabled.
  • Model Format: Native EPANET format supported (WaterGEMS, InfoWater, etc.). Modifications may be required for some EPANET implementations.
  • Network: Your connection to the Internet will largely determine system performance.