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SMS Core Components
 - Map, GIS, Annotations ModuleMap: Use GIS-styled feature objects to build conceptual models in SMS. Calibrate models with the Observation coverage and tools. Create profile and time-series plots.
GIS: Import and export GIS files and enable ArcObjects in SMS. Work with large raster (DEM) files without converting to a TIN.
Annotations: Create annotation objects such as North arrows, text labels, shapes, scalebars, and logos.
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 - Mesh ModuleConstruct 2D finite element meshes. check check check check
 - Grid ModuleConstruct 2D Cartesian finite difference grids.   check check check
 - Scatter ModuleCreate and edit scattered data. Filter points, smooth datasets, and add breaklines to TINs. Interpolate scalar and vector data from scattersets to meshes and grids. check check check check
   Professional 3D Rendering and Display Options   check check check
   Advanced Mesh Generation Methods and Mesh Quality Tools   check check check
   Dataset Toolbox and Analysis Functions   check check check
   Multi-simulation Management   check check check
   Calibration Tools and 2D Plots   check check check
Riverine Models
 - SRH Model & InterfaceSRH-2D is a 2D hydraulic, sediment, temperature, and vegetation model for river systems. check check check Add-on
 - HEC-RAS 2D Geometry Import & ExportThe HEC-RAS 2D Interface can currently be used to export geometry generated in SMS for use in HEC-RAS 2D. HEC-RAS 2D Geometry may also be imported for use with any of the numerical engines supported in SMS that require a 2D unstructured mesh.   check check Add-on
 - RMA2 Model & InterfaceRMA2 is a 1D/2D finite element model for simulating flow in rivers, bays, and estuaries. RMA2 is the hydrodynamic model component of the legacy TABS package managed by USACE.   check check Add-on
 - RMA4 Model & InterfaceRMA4 is an advection-diffusion model that utilizes the flow solution from an RMA2 model.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - ADH Model & InterfaceSMS interfaces with the 2D shallow water component of the ADH model created by USACE. Key features include wetting/drying of elements, boat effects, wind effects, and an adaptive mesh, where element resolution is dynamically adjusted as needed.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - MIKE21 Geometry ImportA MIKE21 mesh file (*.mesh) may be loaded into SMS and used with any of the numerical engines supported in SMS that require a 2D unstructured mesh.   check check check
 - Generic Model InterfaceThe generic model interface includes tools for creating and utilizing model templates, allowing any 2D finite element or finite difference model to be run using SMS as a pre- and post-processor.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - HYDRO_AS-2D Model***HYDRO_AS-2D is a robust finite volume model for hydrodynamic simulations of bodies of water. Models applications include flood modeling, dam-break analysis, and flood-wave propagation.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - TUFLOW FV Model*** (Local 1)Build a TUFLOW FV model within SMS using the Generic Model Interface.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
Coastal Models
 - ADCIRC Model & InterfaceADCIRC is an advanced, finite element coastal circulation and storm surge model. Model applications include modeling tidal and wind driven circulation, storm surge and flooding, dredging feasibility, and near shore marine operations.   Add-on check Add-on
 - STWAVE Model & InterfaceSTWAVE is spectral wave model based on the wave action balance equation, developed and maintained by USACE.   Add-on check Add-on
 - CMS Flow Model & InterfaceCMS Flow is the flow modeling component of the CMS system created by USACE. CMS-Flow simulates hydrodyamics and transport in coastal and estuarine environments.   Add-on check Add-on
 - CMS Wave Model & InterfaceCMS Wave is the wave modeling component of the CMS system. It is a spectral wave transformation, phase-averaged model ideal for inlet modeling.   Add-on check Add-on
 - WAM Model & InterfaceWAM is a global ocean wave prediction model. WAM predicts directional spectra as well as wave properties such as significant wave height, mean wave direction and frequency, swell wave height and mean direction, and wind stress fields corrected by including the wave induced stress and the drag coefficient at each grid point at chosen output times.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - CGWAVE Model & InterfaceCGWAVE is a phase-resolving wave transformation model designed to predict wave heights, velocities, pressures, and radiation stresses in domains of complex shape and depth variations.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - BOUSS2D Model & InterfaceBOUSS-2D is a comprehensive model for simulating the propagation and tranformation of waves in coastal regions and harbors based on a time-domain solution of Boussinesq-type equations.   Add-on check Add-on
 - GENCADE Model & InterfaceGenCade is a regional model for calculating coastal sediment transport, morphology change, and sand bypassing at inlets and engineered structures.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
Riverine & Coastal Models
 - TUFLOW Model & Interface (Local 1)TUFLOW is the premier flood and tide simulation model. Model applications include flood modeling with complex overland and piped urban flows, estuarine and coastal tide hydraulic simulations, and inundation from storm tides. Build a TUFLOW model within SMS using the TUFLOW Interface tools.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
    • TUFLOW AD Module & Interface (Local 1)TUFLOW AD is an add-on module to the TUFLOW model. It is an advection dispersion model that utilizes a hydrodynamic solution from a TUFLOW model to simulate constituent fate and transport for both dissolved and particulate constituents. Build a TUFLOW AD model within SMS using the TUFLOW AD Interface tools.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
    • TUFLOW Multiple Domains Module (Local 1)TUFLOW Multiple Domains is an add-on module to the TUFLOW model for creating simulations with multiple grid domains.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
    • TUFLOW GPU Module (Local 1)TUFLOW GPU is an add-on module to the TUFLOW model used to speed up TUFLOW model run times.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
Particle Tracking Model
 - PTM Model & InterfacePTM is a Lagrangian particle tracking model that utilizes a flow field from a hydrodynamic model to simulate particle transport processes.   Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - First year of maintenance includedAnnual maintenance provides version upgrades and software updates that are released as well as access to technical support. Annual maintenance also allows a license to be added to if needed.   check check check
* Requires at least one model (add-on).        
** Limited to 1 simulation. Other limitations apply.        
*** Requires Generic Model Interface.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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