Local & Flex Software Licensing

Using the latest versions of our desktop software, we offer flexible licensing options so that you can work where and when you need to.

Both license methods are activated over the Internet when a license is purchased or maintenance is updated. Licenses enable the modules or components that you have purchased and contain information about the expiration of the license & its maintenance.

For information on licensing older versions, click here.

Supported Versions:

  • AHGW 3.5+
  • GMS 10.5+
  • SMS 13.1+
  • WMS 11.1+
 Local License
Flex License
Enable a license on a single computercheckcheck
Host multiple license configurations on a single computercheckcheck
Use on a Mac® with Boot Camp® to run Windows®checkcheck
Use on a Mac with virtualization software such as VMWare Fusion® or Parallelscheckcheck
Use with a virtual machine or Remote Desktopcheckcheck
Share a license over a network check
Check-out/check-in a license for remote workcheck