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Local license starting at:   $2,955 $5,370 $8,445 $13,520
Flex license starting at:   $4,425
GMS Core Components
 - 3D Grid ToolsImport, edit, save, and visualize grids and datasets in true 3D. check check check check check
 - 3D Animation ToolsCreate animations with transient or steady state data and export to .avi format including the CODEC of your choice. View angle and zoom factor can be changed during animation as well. Save animations in .avi format. check check check check check
 - Conceptual Modeling ToolsUse GIS-style feature objects to construct models in GMS, the pioneer of the conceptual modeling approach. Quickly and intuitively define grid features and model input parameters.   check check check check
 - Online MapsGet free online images, maps, and elevation data within GMS. Images update automatically while panning and zooming. Create a static image from the dynamic image to save with the project.   check check check check
 - GIS ToolsArcMap integration and shapefile I/0. Import and Export GIS files and enable Arc Objects in GMS.   check check check check
 - CAD / Image / DEM SupportImport a wide range of CAD, image, and DEM data into GMS. check check check check check
 - Annotations ToolsCreate annotation objects including North arrows, text labels, shapes, scale bars, and logos.   check check check check
MODFLOW Modeling

Traditional Grid
 - MODFLOW Model & InterfaceMODFLOW is the standard 3D saturated groundwater flow model from the USGS. Import, edit, and save complete MODFLOW simulations, including native MODFLOW 2000, 2005 & MODFLOW-NWT. Import native MODFLOW 88 and 96 models as well. check check check check check
 - MODFLOW-LGR Model & InterfaceCreate, import, edit, and save complete MODFLOW-LGR simulations that allow for local grid refinement using multiple grids.   check check check check
 - ZoneBudget UtilityCalculate water budgets for subregions of the MODFLOW area.   check check check check
 - MODPATH Model & InterfaceUse MODFLOW model output to build particle tracking simulations with MODPATH.   check check check check
 - MT3DMS Model & InterfaceMT3DMS is a modular three-dimensional transport model for the simulation of advection, dispersion, and chemical reactions of dissolved constituents in groundwater systems.   check check check check
 - MT3D-USGS Model & InterfaceMT3D-USGS includes new transport modeling capabilities to provide greater flexibility in the simulation of solute transport and reactive solute transport.   check check check check
 - RT3D Model & InterfaceRT3D is a modified version of MT3DMS that utilizes alternate chemical reaction packages. It is a multi-species reactive transport model well-suited for simulating natural attenuation and bioremediation.     Add-on check check
 - SEAWAT Model & InterfaceThe SEAWAT model is designed to simulate three-dimensional variable-density groundwater flow coupled with multi-species solute and heat transport.     Add-on check check
 - PHT3D Model & InterfacePHT3D is a multicomponent transport model for three-dimensional reactive transport in saturated porous media and is a combination of MT3DMS and PHREEQC-2. The PHREEQC component allows for a variety of low temperature aqueous geochemical reactions.     Add-on check check
 - SEAM3D Model & InterfaceSEAM3D is a modified version of MT3DMS used to simulate complex biodegradation problems involving multiple substrates and multiple electron acceptors.     Add-on check check
Unstructured Grid
 - MODFLOW-USG Model & InterfaceCreate, import, edit, and save complete MODFLOW-USG simulations that allow for any unstructured grid type.   check check check check
 - mod-PATH3DU Model & InterfaceUse MODFLOW-USG model output to build particle tracking simulations with mod-PATH3DU.   check check check check
 - MODFLOW-USG-Transport
   Model & InterfaceMulti-species solute transport (advection, dispersion, and chemical reactions); also support for density dependent flow and transport as well as heat transport.
    check check check
 - MODFLOW 6 Model & InterfaceCreate, import, edit, and save complete MODFLOW 6 simulations that allow for any unstructured grid type..   check check check check
MODFLOW Utilities
 - PEST Utility - Single or Multi CorePerform parameter estimation with the PEST utility for MODFLOW & MODFLOW-USG. Realize significant performance gains by taking advantage of multiple cores or processors.   check check check check
 - SAMG-Modflow SolverUtilize the newly updated solver for all MODFLOW versions. Includes machine learning tools for faster results.   Add-on Add-on Add-on check
 - SAMG-Modflow+ Add-onThe add-on offers support for transport models as well as connected linear network (CLN) problems.   Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Site Characterization
 - Geostatistics & Scatter Data ToolsAccess a powerful array of options for geostatistics and interpolation from 2D and 3D scatter sets. Interpolation options include Linear, IDW, Clough-Tocher, Natural Neighbor, and Kriging.   Add-on check check check
 - Subsurface Characterization ToolsImport and visualize borehole and plume data in true 3D. Create solids, cross-sections, and fence diagrams.   Add-on check check check
    • Stochastic Modeling ToolsCreate stochastic MODFLOW simulations. Use the risk analysis wizard to refine stochastic modeling results.   Add-on check check check
    • T-PROGS UtilityUse T-PROGS to generate indicator simulations for MODFLOW stochastic runs.   Add-on check check check
Additional Models
 - HydroGeoSphere (HGS) Model & InterfaceCreate, edit, and save HGS models and visualize results in GMS.   Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
 - MODAEM Model & InterfaceQuickly create a simplified representation of an aquifer with the MODAEM analytic element model.         check
 - Finite Element Mesh ToolsCreate, edit, and save 3D finite element mesh data.       check check
    • FEFLOW GeometryImport and export 2D & 3D finite element meshes into and out of GMS for use in a FEFLOW model.       check check
    • TOUGH2 GeometryCreate 3D grids or meshes using the UGrid module and export it for use in a TOUGH2 model.       check check
    • FEMWATER Model & InterfaceFEMWATER is a 3D finite element, saturated/unsaturated, density driven, flow and transport model.         check
    • SEEP2D Model & InterfaceSEEP2D is a 2D steady state model to simulate saturated and unsaturated groundwater flow, designed to be used on profile models such as cross-sections of earth dams or levees.       Add-on check
 - First year of maintenance included   check check check check
* Limited by grid size and stress periods.
** Importing CAD files not supported in Community.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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