Automated GSSHA Watershed Analysis Pricing


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Core Components
 - Upload Any GSSHA ModelUpload any GSSHA model to expose it to AGWA’s workflows check check
 - Model Summary ViewQuickly review model description, parameters and output information check check
 - Model Boundary Map LayerVisualize the model boundaries on a map layer check check
 - Stream Links & Nodes Map LayersVisualize links and nodes representing streams on a map layer check check
 - Elevation Map LayersVisualize elevation data on a map layer check check
 - Index MapsVisualize the index map layers such as land use and soil type check check
 - Add Custom LayersAdd custom WMS layers to the map to provide additional context check check
 - Aerial Imagery Base MapsAll AGWA maps include Microsoft Bing aerial and street base maps check check
Organization Administration
 - Manage Your OrganizationManage your organization, users, and models check check
 - Manage User Accounts for your OrganizationAdd users to your organization and control which users have access to specific models check check
 - Manage Models for your OrganizationManage different versions of your models and who has access to them check check
 - Detention Basin AnalysisAnalyze the impact of a detention basin on your watershed check check
 - Landuse Change AnalysisAnalyze the impact of landuse change (e.g. deforestation and urban sprawl) on your watershed coming soon coming soon
 - Green Infrastructure AnalysisExplore how various green infrastructure improvement affect the watershed coming soon coming soon
Client Account Management
 - Manage Organizations for your ClientsCreate and manage organizations for each of your clients   check
 - Manage User Accounts for your ClientsCreate user accounts for individuals in each of your client organizations   check
 - Manage Models for your ClientsManage the models your clients have access to at the user level   check
 - 10 User Account check check
Prices subject to change without notice.