Automated GSSHA Watershed Analysis Pricing


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Core Components
 - Upload Any GSSHA ModelUpload any GSSHA model to expose it to AGWA’s workflows check check
 - Model Summary ViewQuickly review model description, parameters and output information check check
 - Model Boundary Map LayerVisualize the model boundaries on a map layer check check
 - Stream Links & Nodes Map LayersVisualize links and nodes representing streams on a map layer check check
 - Elevation Map LayersVisualize elevation data on a map layer check check
 - Index MapsVisualize the index map layers such as land use and soil type check check
 - Add Custom LayersAdd custom WMS layers to the map to provide additional context check check
 - Aerial Imagery Base MapsAll AGWA maps include Microsoft Bing aerial and street base maps check check
 - Group similar modelsDifferent scenarios of the same GSSHA model can be grouped together for better organization check check
Organization Administration
 - Manage Your OrganizationManage your organization, users, and models check check
 - Manage User Accounts for your OrganizationAdd users to your organization and control which users have access to specific models check check
 - Manage Models for your OrganizationManage different versions of your models and who has access to them check check
Dashboard Map
 - View all of your watersheds on interactive mapThe Dashboard Map displays all of your uploaded GSSHA models on an interactive map with reference layers to provide context check check
 - NOAA Observed Precipitation Layer (QPE)The Dashboard Map includes the NOAA Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE) reference layer to help you see when large participation events are impacting the watersheds you are modeling check check
 - Add custom reference layersCustomize the dashboard map by adding custom reference layers from ArcGIS or WMS map services. Examples include political boundaries, roads, and other critical infrastructure. check check
 - Detention Basin AnalysisAnalyze the impact of a detention basin on your watershed check check
 - Culvert Resize AnalysisAnalyze the downstream impacts of culvert resizing projects check check
 - Find Discharge ToolCalculate the discharge anywhere in the watershed check check
 - Landuse Change AnalysisAnalyze the impact of landuse change (e.g. deforestation and urban sprawl) on your watershed coming soon coming soon
 - Green Infrastructure AnalysisExplore how various green infrastructure improvement affect the watershed coming soon coming soon
Client Account Management
 - Manage Organizations for your ClientsCreate and manage organizations for each of your clients   check
 - Manage User Accounts for your ClientsCreate user accounts for individuals in each of your client organizations   check
 - Manage Models for your ClientsManage the models your clients have access to at the user level   check
 - 10 User Accounts check check
Prices subject to change without notice.