Customized Watershed Modeling Tools

WMS 11.2 includes a host of customized tools
that help complete your projects quickly

GIS Tools

  • Without ArcGIS: import shapefile data and use the imported data for building hydrologic and hydraulic models
  • With ArcGIS: import and use any file format supported by ArcGIS for hydrologic/hydraulic models (ArcGIS 10.0 supported)
  • Export hydrologic and hydraulic model data to a variety of raster and vector GIS formats

Web-based data acquisition tools

  • Download USGS elevation, topographic map, and aerial photography data directly from WMS
  • Seamlessly import downloaded data and use it for building hydrologic and hydraulic models

Terrain data import and editing tools

  • Import a variety of elevation data formats:
    • USGS DEMs - download and use any format of DEM from the USGS
    • USGS NED data
    • ArcGIS Raster (ASCII format)
    • Contour data (as ArcGIS shapefiles or CAD files)
    • XYZ survey points
  • Read, view, edit, and build models with elevation data inside of WMS
  • Combine and modify elevation data from multiple sources into a single dataset that can be used for modeling
  • Modify individual elevation values or stamp linear features (such as levees or stream elevations) into elevation data

Integration with FHWA hydraulic calculation software

  • A license to WMS includes the HY-8 modeling wizard, which guides you through the process of:
    • Delineating a watershed upstream from a culvert and computing a hydrograph
    • Sizing the culvert
    • Routing the hydrograph downstream from a culvert
    • Determining the inundated area behind a culvert
    • Analyzing an existing culvert
  • Draw culvert and roadway layouts, compute lengths, and transfer computed and entered data between WMS and HY-8
  • Create hydraulic structures (stream channels, gutters and inlets, riprap structures, weirs, detention basins, and rational method basins) and run hydraulic computations using FHWA-approved methods in the Hydraulic Toolbox
  • WMS provides interfaces to the latest versions of HY-8 and the Hydraulic Toolbox distributed by FHWA