Hydrodynamic Flow & Transport Modeling with SMS


Application:Riverine Modeling
Method:2D Finite Volume


Why HYDRO_AS-2D with SMS?
SMS supports HYDRO_AS-2D through the Generic Model Interface offering a simple way to set model - parameter and a graphical user interface to run the model and visualize the results. Gather background data from a variety of sources from GIS to CAD and access online date from numerous databases of map images and elevation data. SMS allows you to interact with models in true 3D taking advantage of optimized OpenGL graphics and to create photo-realistic renderings and animation for PowerPoint, print and web presentations.
HYDRO_AS-2D V 4 is compatible with SMS 11 and newer releases.

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HYDRO_AS-2D Description:
HYDRO_AS-2D 3HYDRO_AS-2D is market leader in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It is based on the numerical solution of the shallow water equations using the Finite-Volume-Discretization.

On top of the hydrodynamic river, costal and flash flood modeling, HYDRO_AS-2D has a wide range of applications as bed load transport (up to 12 grain dimensions), wash load and pollution transport and also heat transport. HYDRO_AS-2D-GPU/MP the parallel execution of simulation optimized for Graphics Cards or Multi-Processors is also available.

HYDRO_AS-2D is characterized by:

  • High stability, robustness and exactness for a wide spectrum of hydrodynamic conditions
  • Short calculating time, also for millions of elements
  • High computational accuracy guaranteed by extensive lab tests and real world applications since 1999
  • Volumetric accuracy of the tidal wave propagation on complex topography

HYDRO_AS-2D is highly user-optimized and offers the following extensions:

  • LASER_AS-2D:Net-generator based on laser-scan-data (intelligent thinning out and deriving Break lines) and Stream Network Generator
  • JabPlot: Creating professional profile and longitudinal plots
  • CHECK2DM: Testing the net based on geometrical and numerical aspects
  • JabMap: Pre- and postprocessor /interface to GIS


HYDRO_AS-2D 4.1 - New Features: Heavy Rainfall - Tide Influenced Water Bodies - Higher Computing Capacity


HYDRO_AS-2D 4.1 provides new tools, which enable the simulation of heavy rainfall events with spatially and temporally varying precipitation. Furthermore, version 4.1 allows for time-dependent water-level boundary conditions. Therefore, water bodies with tidal influences can now be easily implemented. HYDRO_AS-2D 4.1 has also been optimized for use on multiple processor cores.

Modelling heavy rain – integrated consideration of terrain surface and sewer system

HYDRO_AS-2D reproduces heavy rainfall events very accurately due to the integrated consideration of surface runoff, flooding due to urban waters and overfilled sewer tunnels.

Version 4.1 includes new tools for a more comfortable handling of hydraulic information on sewer systems. Water overflowing or impounding above drainages can now be modelled efficiently by assigning results of a sewer system simulation as source and sink time series to the affected structures.

Precipitation is variable and depends on time and location

Precipitation can be represented easily, using HYDRO_AS-2D 4.1. If the spatial distribution of rainfall can be neglected, defining a single time series in SMS is sufficient. This time series is going to be applied to the entire model area.

A spatial variation of precipitation can be achieved by implementing several precipitation time series and linking them to specific parts of the model area (selected mesh nodes). The allocation can be performed in SMS or, alternatively, by use of a GIS tool.

Water level boundary conditions

Instead of specifying the gradient of the energy line at the model boundary, the water level or a time series of water levels can be set as a boundary condition. In coastal areas, water levels of rivers show tidal influences, to name just one application. This new type of boundary condition is useful to reproduce the resulting flow patterns and water levels.

Improved computing performance due to Open MP technology

HYDRO_AS-2D PerformanceWe constantly work on enhancing the computing performance of HYDRO_AS-2D.By version 4.1, the parallelisation has been revised so that the software optimally uses the computers's CPU cores. Thus the standard licence enables a significant reduction of computing time. Additionally, the flexible licensing model allows to specify the number of processors used. Licences can be utilised for either massively parallel computation of a model or for the simultaneous computation of different models. Two CPU cores can be controlled per license.

More control during a simulation run

Version 4.1 provides users more control during a simulation run. A control file can be used to request additional information about each internal time step. Due to this, the state of a currently running simulation can be figured out easily. If needed, the user can abort a simulation controlled without risking damage of data sets.

Further innovations
  • Revised approach for the calculation of water levels at the border between dry and wet areas
  • Enhanced error messages
  • Improved provision of results
  • Internalisation: documentation, system messages and output files in English
  • Correction of results for simulations of coastal waters with attitude below sea level