CityWater Pricing

CityWater Core Components
 - Network Map LayersView map layers that represent the network as defined in the EPANET model.   check
 - Report Map LayersView map layers that represent the different output datasets including: pressure, head, demand, and water quality at nodes and velocity, flow, and headloss at links.   check
 - Zone Map Layers (New)View map layers of the pressure zones that are automatically delineated by CityWater.   check
 - Element Timeseries PlotsSelect any element on the map and plot its value over time for a better understanding of how the model behaves temporally.   check
 - Element Property LookupSelect any element on the map and access model properties including physical properties of the network, valve and pump settings, and report values.   check
 - Element AnnotationAnnotate any element on the map. Use this feature to provide real-time feedback to model developers, track resident complaints, or to identify work needing to be done on the distribution system.   check
 - Address LookupLookup an address on the map to quickly identify nearby model elements.   check
 - Pattern and Curve PlotsVisualize the demand patterns and pump curves that are defined by the model.   check
 - Export Layers as ShapefilesUse your EPANET model data in GIS by exporting any of the layers to shapefile.   check
 - Upload Any EPANET ModelUpload any EPANET model to easily share with others in your organization.   check
 - Animate Layers Across SimulationAnimate whichever layers you are viewing over the course of your model simulation.   check
Scenario Management Add-on
 - Create Scenarios from within ProjectsCreates a copy of your model that can be modified, executed, viewed, and interacted with in the same way as your base model.    
 - Edit Model Properties and Scenario OptionsMany properties are exposed for editing within a scenario, including base flow demand, demand patterns, pump curves, and valve settings.    
 - Run and Re-run ScenariosExecute a scenario after making desired changes and then explore the results.    
Fire Flow Analysis Add-on
 - Peak Day Fire Flow AnalysisCalculate the peak day fire flow for every junction in your model and visualize results on new layer.    
 - Fire Flow Availability AnalysisCalculate available fire flow at any junction in the model.    
 - Fire Flow Planning AnalysisPerform a fire flow planning analysis at any junction in the model.    
Pressure Zone Schematic Add-on
 - Automatic Pressure Zone DelineationAutomatically divide your model elements into pressure zones for a higher level understanding of the model.    
 - Pressure Zone Schematic VisualizationVisualize the pressure zone of your model in an interactive, conceptual schematic to gain valuable insights and identify areas for improvement.    
 - Size Pressure Zones by Value or TypeSize pressure zones by type or by the values of the different report datasets to understand how the different zones interact.    
 - Customize Pressure Zone LabelsChange the pressure zone labels of to be more meaningful to you and others in your organization.    
 - Sort Pressure Zones by Relative Elevation or HeadSort pressure zones by relative elevation or head and turn on an elevation scale.    
Energy Add-on (requires Pressure Zone Schematic)
 - Run Energy Analysis AlgorithmsRun powerful post processing algorithms that will automatically identify energy inefficiencies in your distribution network.    
 - Identify Looping InefficienciesIdentify areas on the conceptual schematic where water is needlessly pumped due to looping.    
 - Identify Leaping InefficienciesIdentify areas on the conceptual schematic where water is needlessly pumped due to leaping.    
 - Identify Loading InefficienciesIdentify pumps on the conceptual schematic that are running more frequent than necessary.    
 - Identify Losing InefficienciesIdentify areas on the conceptual schematic where hydraulic energy from source nodes is lost and then pumped again.    
 - Identify Level InefficienciesIdentify tanks on the conceptual schematic that are not efficiently using available hydraulic energy.    
Client Account Management
 - Create Organizations for your ClientsCreate organizations for each of your clients to control which users have access to each model.    
 - Create User Accounts for your ClientsCreate any number of user accounts for your clients.    
 - Manage Projects for your ClientsDeliver the latest results of your modeling activities to your clients by uploading them to CityWater and assigning them to the appropriate organization.    
 - 10% of License Fee Waived per ClientFor every client that subscribes to CityWater, 10% of your license fee will be waived (up to 10 clients).    
Enterprise Option
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 - Dedicated Server    
 - Custom Domain    
 - Premium Support    
 - Storage   4GB
 - Users*   10
 - Concurrent Logins per User   1
 - Maximum Pipe Count**   50,000
 - Increase in model size of 50% or more will incur additional fees***   Prorated
* Additional user accounts can be purchased. Contact us for more details.    
** Models larger than the maximum pipe count can be facilitated with the Enterprise Option    
*** If new model size is 3000 pipes or more    
Prices subject to change without notice.