CityWater - EPANET Web Solution

CityWaterCityWater® is the premier EPANET web application for water distribution management. The intuitive, interactive presentation and access-anywhere convenience of CityWater allows you to unlock the data in your EPANET models and add value to the everyday operations of your distribution system. Plus, the subscription-based pricing means you don't need to pay for expensive software you don't use.

Visualize the distribution of pressure, head, velocity, flow and other important variables on an interactive web map. Present model results anywhere and at a moment's notice using your phone, tablet, or laptop. Look up any network property or model result on the go by accessing CityWater on your phone. Plot how model results like pressure or velocity change over time and export the plot to an image to share with contractors or place in a report. Enhance your understanding of your network and quickly identify inefficiencies with the conceptual schematic view and analysis tools.

CityWater Advantages

  • Convenient subscription-based access
  • Works on most operating systems and devices: Windows®, Mac®, Android™, iOS, etc.
  • No installation required -- only a modern web browser is needed
  • Upload any EPANET input file and access it on all devices
  • Improve the presentation of EPANET simulation results to non-technical audiences
  • Provide instant feedback on the model results using the annotation features

Unlock EPANET Data at All Levels

Decision Support

  • Enhance presentations to non-technical audiences
  • Answer stakeholder questions with illustrative visualization
  • Present anywhere, anytime, and on any device


  • Lookup model attributes on-the-go
  • Annotate model with problems as they are discovered
  • Respond to customer questions with real model data


  • Manage accounts for your customers
  • Deliver the latest models instantly in an interactive format
  • Add value to your EPANET modeling services