Educational Use Agreement

This form is to be filled out by the professor of the institution requesting educational use of Aquaveo software. A .pdf version of this form is available here

_____________________________ (Name of Institution) hereby affirms that the software package (circle one) AHGW or GMS or SMS or WMS will be used solely for educational purposes, as detailed below.

Please review the following statements and check the boxes to verify that you will comply:

I understand that the institution must forbid the use of software for commercial purposes, even if performed by institution employees, except as related to research contracts awarded to the institution.

I certify that the institution named above has students and instructors, issues grades, and charges tuition.

I understand that the software license (purchased with an educational discount) belongs to the educational institution and should not be knowingly transferred to individuals leaving or no longer affiliated with the institution.

I understand that failure to comply with any of the above items will result in revocation of the academic license

Please describe the anticipated use of the software in Section I and/or Section II below:

Section I. For use in classroom instruction:

* Name of course:

* Anticipated number of students:

* Semester taught:

* Brief description of course:

* How will the above software be utilized during this course?

Section II. For use in academic research:

* Name of project:

* Brief description/scope of project:

* How will the above software be utilized during this project?

Please review the following benefits which apply to academic license holders.

By purchasing one license at the academic rate, institutions determined to be eligible for the academic discount shall be entitled to the following special academic license privileges:

1. Two permanent* passwords. Hardware locks may be purchased at prevailing prices in place of one or both of these passwords.

2. Temporary passwords for as many extra computers as needed in order to install the licensed software in student computer labs can be requested. The passwords will be good for no more than one year; however, they can be renewed or replaced at no charge. The institution may alternately purchase a network hardware lock (from 1 to 50 users) at prevailing prices to facilitate their student computer lab.

* WMS subscription passwords will be issued for the term of the subscription.

On behalf of ___________________________________ (Name of Institution), I hereby certify that the above information is complete and accurate.

Signed: ________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Type or Print Name: ______________________________________________________

Please complete the following for the primary technical contact (or user) of the software at your institution.

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________

Institution: ____________________________________________________

Department: ______________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________


Email: ____________________________

Phone: ____________________________

Fax: ____________________________

Please send a printed copy of the completed form to:
Aquaveo - 3210 N. Canyon Road, Suite 300
Provo, UT 84604
or Fax to: (801) 691-5529

EUA Doc Date: 24Feb14